BBNotePad – Text editing tool (May not be compatible)
FileLock – Locks/Hides Files (i.e. Porn) See Thread for info
Quick Pull – Reset without a battery pull
Soft Reset – Reset without a battery
Opera Mini – Browser
Google Sync – Sync Calendar/Contacts from your Google account
GCalc – Graphing Calculator (In Alpha testing)
Got 2 – Task Management (In Alpha testing)
AutoLock – Automatically locks blackberry when the backlight goes off
BB Light – Lights up screen on emails and texts
TalkLock – Lock the phone while on a call
QiPit – Copy and Share Documents
Funambol – OTA syncing of contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar events w/o BES
logMaid – Clears event log every hour
BuzzME – Vibrate and Ring simultaneously
YouMail – Free Visual Voice Mail App (May not be compatible)
SlyDial – Call a cell phone voice mail directly (May not be compatible)
Pocket Day – Home Screen Replacement (May not be compatible)
BB Info Tool – Retrieves Information On Current BB Network – (May not be compatible with 9530)

2 Responses to “Tools”

  1. scottoncapecod Says:

    SlyDial is going from a Free – Ad Supported version to a Fee based version on March 1st, 2009—FYI

  2. myberryapps Says:

    Thanks for the heads up.

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